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What's in a box?

Our 13kg and 6kg beef boxes offer a fantastic range of cuts from beautiful slow cook joints, to sensational steaks. Combined with this are family favourites such as stewing beef and finest minced beef. All the meat comes direct from our farm and is matured for 28 days.  The boxes contain the following:

Roasting joints: topside, forerib, back rib, brisket

Steak: fillet, sirloin, rump

Casserole beef: stewing steak, shin, minced beef


Taster box  

Due to popular demand we now sell taster boxes which include approximately 3kg of beef.  A box like this includes steak, minced beef, stewing steak and roasting joints. This is perfect if you are a small family or have limited freezer space.   



Our 13kg and 6kg boxes are priced at £10.75 per kilogram.
The taster box is priced at £12 per kilogram.


A discount will be given on orders of two or more boxes.   

Recommend a friend

Recommend just one friend who goes on to purchase a meat box and receive money off your box of meat.


We are keen to explore business to business opportunities; so if you're a restaurateur,
butcher or other interested party, please get in contact with us to see how we can best work with you.  We're able to offer reduced prices on large orders, understand the necessity for consistent quality and are able to provide a bespoke service, supplying products of distinction. 

Cut Guide

Leg - Meat from the leg is largely sold as diced stewing beef, excellent for casseroles and stews as it is highly flavoursome and the meat tenderises with extended cooking.

Topside & Silverside - These are roasting joints which are usually quite lean and are best roasted in a baking tray containing some water to keep the meat moist and some vegetables used to form a base for the all important gravy with your Sunday roast.

Rump - Rump is one of the cheaper steaks as it isn't quite as tender as the fillet or sirloin but it more than makes up for this with flavour and being as we hang our beef for three weeks it really is a perfect choice for barbeques or for cooking on a hot griddle.  The rump may also be left as a joint, making a high quality quick roast.

Sirloin - Perhaps the favourite of all steaks, combining tenderness with taste with exceptional marbling and enough fat to baste the meat whilst cooking.  Also available as a joint for that special roast beef dinner.

Thin Flank - This is usually sold as minced beef.

Thick Flank - The thick flank is usually sold as a roasting joint, that can be treated in a similar way to the silverside or topside and usually has a good fat content, keeping it moist during a slow roast.

Fillet - Very lean and very tender, this is the most expensive cut and is best quickly fried and served rare or for dishes such as beef wellington.

Forerib - Sold as a roasting joint or as steaks either on or off the bone.  Has a high fat content but is beautiful if treated correctly.  Remember to rest it after cooking for at least five minutes before eating - hard as it may be to resist!

Chuck & Blade - Beef from the shoulder is highly flavoursome but needs to be cooked on a low heat for some time, cooked this way in a pot roast, it is hard to beat - tender as can be with a real punch of meaty flavour.

Brisket - This is quite a fatty joint and so it is again suited to slow cooking where the fat renders down and bastes the meat as it cooks.  A favourite for pot roast or stew on a cold day and great value.

Neck - Generally sold as mince or diced stewing beef.

Shin - An absolute gem for slow cooking, making a rich stew of exceptional flavour.



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