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Our Family

Jolly Good Beef is a family business run by Matt and Clare Cooke.  Clare's family have been on the farm since 1890 making Matt and Clare the fifth generation of farmers at Great Avercombe. With two young daughters, who knows, this could extend into the sixth!



Our Farm

Great Avercombe is a medium sized mixed farm set in the heart of the picturesque Devon countryside just outside of the Exmoor National Park.  We have 200 acres of farm grassland ranging from old pastureland to improved grassland as well as 40 acres of arable land growing barley and wheat to feed our cattle.  Our use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides on the land is kept to a bare minimum.  Our animals are quiet and contented receiving no unnecessary medication.  Their quality of life is an absolute priority to us and we always put the animals' welfare first.



Our Story

After years of the farm being used for arable and grazing, Matt decided he wanted to run a suckler herd at Great Avercombe so in 2008 we bought our first pedigree South Devon cows.   We sold our beef to a few friends in beef boxes.  They enjoyed it so much (as the meat is well hung from well finished animals making it taste great) that they suggested we branched out to sell our quality beef to a wider field. 

We chose the South Devon because they are a very docile breed making them safe and easy to handle.  The South Devon cow is well known for her longevity, easily rearing 10 calves in her lifetime.  The cows make excellent mothers who produce plenty of milk for their calves.  The cattle grow well with a good ratio of lean to fat making the meat full of flavour and incredibly tender.  The main herd is made up of South Devon cows put to either a South Devon or Aberdeen Angus bull, bringing two of Britain's most traditional breeds together to create some fantastic beef. 



Our Philosophy

To produce great tasting beef which is well cared for, expertly butchered, neatly packaged and delivered with a friendly service.


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